DIY: Kantha Quilt Curtains

Looking for a Way to Freshen Up Your Windows?

Last year I updated my art studio.  I actually took everything out and started over, but more on that coming soon!  I have very high windows and standard curtains are not long enough.  Being a fan of Kantha quilts I found one that I knew would match my studio theme perfectly and it was long enough to use as a curtain...yeah!

Rather than buying two quilts, I opted to order one and cut it in half, creating two curtains.


Yes, I cut the quilt in half.  I reconsidered this plan when the quilt arrived.  It was too beautiful to cut.  What if it didn't work? What if I ruined it?

Snip, snip, snip!  Step #1 completed!

DIY - Kantha Quilt Curtains with Roben-Marie Smith.

I love easy and I did not want to stitch a rod pocket or tabs. Enter, drapery clip rings!  I was skeptical the clips would be strong enough to hold the curtains but they have worked perfectly. 

Clip & Hang!  Step #2 completed!

What is a Kantha Quilt?

Our neighbors are from India and their two young children have found their way into our hearts.  Last year, their grandmother came for a six month visit.  She did not speak English with the exception of, “Did you eat lunch?”  Every time she saw me she would ask me if I'd eaten. 

She wore the traditional Sari, which traces back thousands of years in India.  They are pieces of cloth worn by women, creating unique and beautiful outfits.

Her saris were exotic and stunning!

I would watch her each day from my window as she walked up and down the sidewalk, excited to see what she would be wearing.  One day, those lovely fabrics will likely be sewn into a Kantha quilt.

These family garments are recycled into Kantha quilts and many are passed down to children and are often made into baby blankets.  Kantha refers to the type of stitch used, which gives the sari quilts their general wavy, textured quality. Each quilt is unique in the stitching, patches and unique blends of fabrics.  

Image Source: HandandCloth

Kantha Quilts are full of life, funky patterns and colors! Wrapping up in one of these exotic beauties is such a treat!

My Favorite Uses for Kantha Quilts:

Table cloth/Covering - I have one on my dining room table and a coordinating one as a runner.
Pillow covers
Drape on a couch or chair
Handbags and pouches
Pot holders

When Things Come Together!

I love my new "curtains" and how they have brightened my studio.  The extra bonus was discovering that an antique light fixture I bought when I was 17 on a shopping trip to Myrtle Beach with my mom, matched the quilt perfectly.

I love when the unexpected happens and things come together!

Have a  blessed day!


All studio photos by Rachel Estrada Photography.